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Selection Sunday (NCAA)

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With Selection Sunday only a few days away teams are waiting to see whom they will be playing the the NCAA Tournament. While some teams are finishing up their conference tournament, they too are looking forward to Selection Sunday and finding out if they made it or not. This year Selection Sunday is on March 14, at 6pm. For many college basketball fans, Selection Sunday is the best day of the season because this is the tournament every team is hoping to make as they play throughout their season. This is when the field of 64 teams are announced of who will be playing in the tournament. There are 32 college basketball conferences in the country. Every team that wins their conference tournament gets an automatic bid into the NCAA Tourney. The IVY League Conference is the only conference in the country where there is no conference tournament. Whoever wins the regular seasons gets their conference’s automatic bid.

The NCAA Tournament is a huge media source. CBS Network has an eleven year contract for $6 billion dollars with the NCAA. The contract runs through the year 2013. For every college that makes the tournament it is not just their basketball team that gets the national attention through the media, but its entire school is in the limelight. According to this article that I found in Business Week they believe that “a high profile sports team can be a great advertisement for a university/college.”

Many students choose college based on how well their sports teams are regardless of whether or not they are going to be playing on that sports team. Many students want to go to a school that is known for their success on the basketball court or on the football field. Every team that makes it into the NCAA Tournament sees a rise in next year’s applications.

For the last five years the Marist Women’s Basketball Team has received the MAAC (Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference) automatic bid. Coming from a small school it is hard to make the tournament because you need to win your conference tourney. Not only has Marist made it they have made apperances in the Sweet 16 losing to Tennesse and losing in the second round to LSU by getting a win over Ohio State and Depaul. But they have gained a great reputation¬† for a good womens basketball program. This upcoming Monday we will find out who are women will be playing since the Women’s Tourney is announced a day after the mens.

For now all college basketball fans can do is wait patiently and watch the conference championship games to see who is getting that conferences automatic bid. But come this Sunday college basketball fans will see who makes it into the field of 64,and they will enthusiastically fill out their brackets to see how well they can predict the tournament. I think the best part of the tournament is trying to guess which teams will be this years Cinderella team and who will be the tourney MVP.

Written by Robert Hoey

March 24, 2010 at 5:17 pm

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