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A New Reason to Fear What You do on the Internet

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Did you know that when you connect to wireless server almost all of the activity you partake in can be viewed by others? Mostly everything that is sent from your computer to the wireless hotspot can be snooped upon by other people. Although not everything you do on the internet can be snooped, it is important to figure out how  to protect yourself from those out there who are trying to steal your information. This article provides a few key ways of how to do so.

For starters, it is important to disable the “auto-connect” feature when connecting to wireless internet. This ensures that you won’t be connecting to a server that could purposely be trying to steal your information, and that you will be able to pick which server to connect to. Also, it is important to not share files on your computer. This is the number one way for outside users to gain access to your files and database itself. If you disable your file sharing, then you will ultimately be blocking outside users from your computer.

One option that was posed, but probably is not used too much for college students, is buying a 3G or 4G wireless broadband adapter. Obviously right now, this option would not be available for Marist students, as we have our own wireless database, but in the future it could be considered. The article stated that it is almost impossible for people to hack into a wireless adapter.

Another option that was seen in this article was using a VPN connection, and obviously we have that option here at Marist. Maybe all of the steps that Marist students have to go to simply to connect to the internet is worth it in the end? Either way, the article stated that everything sent from your computer to the internet through a VPN is encrypted. This way, the “snoopers” and “sniffers” of the internet will rarely be able to hack into your activity.

There were a number of other tips and tricks to use in order to ensure safe internet browsing. Although we all probably think that someone stealing our information via the internet is far fetched, it can happen. It is important to protect your files and important information when browsing the internet, so it would be wise to take this article seriously.

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March 29, 2010 at 7:02 pm

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