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Obesity Problem Being Diminished?

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Most people, including government officials, do not know every little implementation or rule that is going to be in the new Health Care Bill. Although many of those new laws do not interest me, some do, and in particular this one.  All across the country, fast food chains with 20 or more restaurants are going to be required to put the amount of calories each item is next to the item listed on a menu. This is already in effect in New York City, except the requirement is 15 restaurants, instead of 20. This is going to change the fast food world. When people see the amount of calories next to a hamburger, I think some will choose a different item, or not even eat at that establishment.

The other day I went to a Quiznos, where the calories were located next to the sandwich, and opted for the sandwich that held the least amount of calories. I think this will be great for America. Parents will be more cautious when buying fast food for their children and many young adults will rethink purchasing an item with a high amount of calories.

One down side to this is that it can take years for this law to take effect. The FDA has one year to recommend the new regulations, however, it will take much longer to complete the law because of legal issues.


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March 29, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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