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Acceptance of the iPad Continues to Grow

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As much resistance as there has been toward Apple’s new invention, the iPad, creators might be relieved to know that the product is starting to become favorable among consumers. This new attitude may be due to one large component of the new iPad- the e-reader. In a recent study done by ComScore, results showed that consumers that are seriously considering buying an electronic reader would buy an iPad before a Kindle device. This may be because an iPad does have the e-reader feature, where consumers can download and read books easily, but also many other components and features. The Kindle on the other hand simply has the electronic reading ability. The survey found that both those who follow Apple products and those who do not would potentially be more willing to purchase an iPad over the Kindle. They also found that in consumers who have purchased Apple products before would, not surprisingly feel more comfortable with remaining with the same brand.

It seems that the e-reader device on the iPad is a large draw for consumers of the product. Personally, I don’t understand why someone might spend hundreds of dollars more on an iPad, when the feature they are looking for is available in the Kindle for a lesser price. This article and survey however do not surprise me because over the years Apple has demonstrated a incredible ability to sway people over to their team. After the initial disappointment of the feedback of the new iPad, Apple may have reconstructed the information of what the invention offered. By possibly highlighting a feature like the e-reader that they did not think people were as interested in as for example, the Internet, Apple may have persuaded more consumers to make a large purchase on their product. If for example an individual were already contemplating the purchase of a Kindle, Apple seized on the opportunity to offer a product that did the same thing and much more for only a few hundred dollars above the Kindle product.


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March 31, 2010 at 6:07 pm

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