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The Ipad, aka Iphone XL

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Finally after months of anticipation excited consumers can finally get  their hands on the 1.5 pound, 10 inch Apple Ipad.  According to USA Today over 600,000 Ipads were sold during the opening day of sales last friday, that is over double what was originally projected. It seems as though Apple has another hit with their new, innovative device but to me the Ipad seems to be just a glorified, “Honey I Blew Up the Kid” version of the Iphone but with even less features (it does not have the ability to make calls or even take pictures or videos). According to a CNN report, many buyers don’t even understand what the Ipad actually does; some are buying it primarily for it’s electronic reader feature, some for the new Ipad apps, and others are simply buying it to add to their Apple electronic collections.

Some doctors, business people, and professionals may view the Ipad as a necessity for doing their jobs efficiently and innovatively, but I do not understand why other consumers are so excited about this new product. I feel as though Apple has turned into a company with somewhat of a cult following. Many do not need these expensive electronics, such as the Ipad, but buy them simply to be part of the crowd. The Ipad and other new products created by Apple have become less of necessities and more of a symbols of status and “in-the-nowness”.


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April 9, 2010 at 8:28 pm

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