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Marketing iPhone OS 4

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Steve Jobs, the co-founder and current CEO of Apple Inc., is known for his passion and overly obsessive secrecy surrounding his products. However, he has been one of the most innovative CEO’s in the history of business. Just last week, Apple hosted a media event to preview the features for iPhone OS 4, which is scheduled to be released this summer for the iPhone (fall for the iPad).

Since I am interested in technology, I found myself watching a live-blog of the event. Long story short, I felt unimpressed with the “new” features. Coming this summer are features such as multitasking, message box integration, enterprise features, new advertising methods (iAd), and other things that are not present in the current iPhone OS. Immediately following the keynote, people flocked to the internet talking about how “revolutionary” and “magical” this new OS upgrade would be. I found it slightly humorous that the features mentioned in Jobs’ presentation have been in phones for over three years now. None of these new features are truly revolutionary. They are needed in the iPhone and have been needed since it was introduced in 2007. Personally, I just found it interesting how Steve Jobs has been able to convince so many people how his new product will “revolutionize the market once again.” He has been so successful in creating hype for his releases to the point where many people cannot feel disappointment. Below is an article I found entitled “5 Ways Apple’s iPhone OS 4 is a Game Changer.” I found this article to be interesting because it seems they were convinced that these new features are “game-changers” when they have been in other phones for the past five years.

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April 12, 2010 at 4:42 pm

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