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NFL Draft in Primetime

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All smart corporations use mass media to their advantage to gain attention, so it’s not a surprise that the National Football League is reaching out to fans even in the offseason.  If you are a regular visitor to the homepage,, SportsCenter, or the NFL Network, you know that the NFL draft is coming on Thursday, April 22.  There is no wonder why the draft has grown in these past 75 years.  The biggest event of the offseason, the draft marks a fresh start for all teams- a time to add a spark of hope or to boost an already solid roster.  People are hungry for football.  They expect  Todd McShay and Mel Kiper to argue about draft picks for months on end.  The never ending draft analysis, mock drafts and mock draft contests, workouts and visits only add to the hype. 

Even as a huge football fan, I wonder if the draft is getting out of hand.  It is now a three-day event starting on primetime television for the first time ever on Thursday night, continuing Friday night and finishing Saturday morning.  Fans are expected to line up outside Radio City Music Hall as early as Wednesday night to get tickets for the following day.  As much as I love football, by the time the draft comes around, I’m usually  just annoyed with it.  People begin making predictions as soon as the Superbowl ends.  With compensation draft picks and last minute trades, these predictions can go to waste and in a matter of seconds your mock draft is out the window.  I’ll leave it to Kiper to make the mock drafts, since it’s his job.  Until the draft, I’ll listen to the analysis a million more times and just hope my team has done its homework.. and I’ll hope they did more than turning on the television or checking online.

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April 12, 2010 at 4:41 pm

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