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Modern Day “Hard Body”?

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Jeremy Renner plays a “hard body” individual in the movie, The Hurt Locker.  Renner plays William James, a bomb disarmer stationed in Baghdad. The movie portrays examples of  “us vs them” in establishing a national unity as the Americans are at war with the Middle East.  However, most notably the main character exhibits “hard body” qualities the Susan Jeffords describes in her book, begging the question do these hard bodied characters still exist?

Interview The Hurt Lockers Jeremy Renner.jpg

In this clip we see the example of the “lesser man” (NOT the main character William James), failing, because he is a “soft body,” even though is equipped with up to date technology.

In this clip, Will is “hindered by technology” and is not afraid to put his life on the line, which Jeffords points out are true characteristics of a “hard body.”

In this clip Will has clearly defied the authority of another solider, who is annoyed with Will. This instances shows that Will feels that authority is something he can shape to his own needs at his own time, a common theme in Jeffords. Will also makes a joke that the other solider possesses “feminine” or “soft-bodied” qualities by relating the situation to being on a date.

Here we see the stoic Will James who is contrasted by the other solider asking him how many bombs he has disarmed. The other solider is shown as being “soft bodied” in his excitement for the number Will reveals, further emphasizing Will’s “hard body.”

In this final clip, Will seems nearly invincible as he describes the things that “almost killed him”


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