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Hard Body Image in 2007’s “Shooter”

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We have recently been discussing the “hard body” image the past couple of weeks in class, and it came to my attention how this image is still prevalent in film today.  The 2007 movie “Shooter” starring Mark Walhberg is about a retired United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper, Bob Lee Swagger, one of best snipers alive.  Swagger, played by Wahlberg, is a confident, intelligent, savvy man who overcomes adversity both in physical and mental capacities.  Throughout the movie, he is able to escape from extremely dangerous situations, hide and manipulate the federal government, and outsmart politicians, among several other nearly impossible stunts and tasks.

Swagger works alone for the majority of his adventure, but Special Agent Nick Memphis helps to support his efforts in the second half of the movie.  Nick Memphis is played by Michael Peña, and would be considered a “soft body” because of his visible weakness in comparison to Bob Lee Swagger.  His character is not strong, and initially gets beaten up by a severely injured and shot Swagger, demonstrating Swagger’s invincible strength and Memphis’ weakness.  Swagger not only teaches Memphis how to make bombs, shoot a sniper weapon, and combat via counter intelligence, but also how to manipulate those trying to find and kill them.

In addition to drinking beer, living in the mountains, playing his dog’s best friend, blowing up helicopters, surviving three gunshot wounds, escaping from the federal government, tricking high strung politicians, collecting guns, and being the best sniper alive, Bob Lee Swagger fits the hard body mold like no one else.

Bob Lee Swagger in action


Written by Meghan Carroll

April 26, 2010 at 3:48 pm

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