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MGMT Dance Party at Coachella

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Music journalist Randall Roberts of the Los Angeles Times describes it as “a moment that needs to be placed on the historical record, [it] should be captured before it floats away, something to refer back to on the days that lack miracles.” This miracle, perhaps some kind of divine intervention if you will, occurred when MGMT broke out into their famous hit “Electric Feel” at Coachella, a three-day musical festival in California (from April 16th to 19th.) As the first chords of the song resounded throughout the Outdoor Theatre, the people watching MGMT perform their set suddenly encountered a religious experience of sorts and exploded into dance. I can only imagine the euphoria of hundreds, perhaps thousands of sweaty hipsters stopping what they were doing – talking, smoking, comparing music knowledge or trendy ensembles, or perhaps both – to break out into a groove, to feel the beat, to simply jam out to a good song. Reports say that “everybody stopped what they were doing and cheered. The sitters stood and commenced dancing. The traffic patterns ground to a halt. Everyone spun toward the stage and started dancing. And it was everyone within earshot. The moment felt so natural, yet completely rehearsed: The words rang out, and we all sang along: ‘All along the Western front/People line up to receive/She got the power in her hands/To shock you like you won’t believe.’” Have you ever heard of such a thing? When the song stopped, life resumed. But for those few minutes, that song was the only thing they could hear and feel.

And if it happens that you are not acquainted with this “2008 slow-disco grind of a hit”, here’s a YouTube link for you to maybe burst out some dance moves on your own:

Feel the beat. Do a dance. This is “Electric Feel”.


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April 26, 2010 at 2:02 pm

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