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Advertising for Brain Fingerprinting

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Brain fingerprinting could completely reinvent the judicial systems around the world. This is a way to confirm someone’s guilt or innocence. The key difference between a guilty party and an innocent suspect is that the perpetrator of the crime has a record of the crime stored in their brain, and the innocent suspect does not. It will help in counterterrorism efforts such as determining who has participated in terrorist acts, directly or indirectly. Brain fingerprinting does not prove guilt or innocence. This technology gives the judge and jury, new scientifically valid evidence to help them arrive as their decision. DNA evidence and fingerprints are available in only about one percent of major crimes. It is estimated that brain fingerprinting testing will apply in approximately sixty to seventy percent of these major crimes. The potential now exists to significantly improve the speed and accuracy of the entire system, from investigations to parole hearings. It will be able to dramatically reduce the costs associated with investigating and prosecuting innocent people and allow law enforcement professionals to concentrate on suspects who have verifiable, detailed knowledge of the crimes. I feel this development will improve our society but it must be publicized and explained more to the public for people to support it.
I think a great way to start getting the message to the public is through popular television shows like the popular CSI shows on the CBS network. I think this is a great opportunity to advertise the methods of brain fingerprinting and will get people more interested. The show can also portray brain fingerprinting as a helpful tool in solving the cases. This will show brain fingerprinting in a positive light. From that, the network could feature a page on their website all about brain fingerprinting which was featured on one of their shows.
I also think it is crucial to give tutorials to all law enforcement. They should be the ones who are able to answer any questions the public may have and be fully informed on how brain fingerprinting works. I think it also would be important to have government officials, such as the state governors, to keep the public informed through press conferences aired on all local channels where they explain what brain fingerprinting it is. I also believe it is important for the government to create a government sponsored website completely dedicated to brain fingerprinting. It should explain what it is, how it works, and how it is going to be incorporated into our legal system. I also think the website should incorporate a way for citizens to submit questions or criticisms they have about the process, so it therefore can be improved. It also will appear to the general public that the government wants their opinion on brain fingerprinting and that they are involved in decisions. I also believe a vote should be taken by the country on how they feel about it being used in their legal system. The last thing the government wants to do is to impose a new technology on the country that they do not fully understand or want as part of their legal system.
Another great way to advertise is to feature brain fingerprinting in a crime thriller movie, documentary with its creators, and a special on a show like 20/20 on ABC. There also should be government PSA’s explaining how citizens can reach out about brain fingerprinting if they have any questions or concerns.


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April 27, 2010 at 4:53 pm

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