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Popular Fox comedy/musical show Glee is one of the most popular shows of the last year or so. Popular with ages ranging from 12 year olds to my mother, more and more people seem to be becoming fans of the show. My theory is that this success is due to the all out media blitzkrieg the show has been on.

Obviously a Television show first, that is the main medium fans, called ‘Gleeks’ apparently, get their fix. After a little research, the kids in glee club on the show are also called Gleeks, explaining the name (kind of.) But the reason this show has been doing so well is the resale of its music. Each week, the characters sing new songs on the show and the next day they are on iTunes, ready to be bought up and re-listened to until next week’s songs are up. For those of you playing along at home, the Glee Cast’s album ‘The Power of Madonna’ is the number 1 album on iTunes right now.

If that wasn’t enough, the Glee tour may be stopping near where you live, where you can go see the lovable losers perform their cover songs live. In case you were interested, the cheapest tickets seem to be around $35. Also, with the premiere of it’s second season, Glee launched an open casting call, calling on fans to film audition tapes and songs. Winners get to have a walk on roll on Glee. The whole thing was done conveniently through Myspace, making would-be auditioners create a profile before submiting what they’ve got.

I’ve seen Glee, and i have to say it is the cheesiest thing ever, but it works. It’s not a terrible show and it has found a fantastic business model. Sing songs on TV, sell songs, sell tickets to see songs sung, allow fans to  have a chance to sing songs, create blogs and forums to allow people to discuss songs, etc. This is becoming the way for shows to get big. It is no longer about just having an audience for a half hour every week. You need to have an audience all week, even when they are away from their TVs. Glee knows that, and all of the internet, smart phone, and mp3 savvy fans are never away from their favorite singing high schoolers. This 360 degree media attack has worked well for Glee and i am sure it will for a long time.


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April 27, 2010 at 12:48 am

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