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Hulu no longer free (sort of)

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It has been long rumored that the popular video site Hulu would be adopting some form of paid-subscription service in the near future. Now this rumor has become a reality.

Regular users of Hulu have no need to fret. You will still have access to five of the most recent episodes of popular shows from ABC, Fox, and NBC. So if you miss an episode of “Glee” last week, you’ll be fine. By paying $9.95 a month, the paid service makes you a Hulu Plus member and allows access to more episodes. Hulu will integrate this subscription service starting May 24. However, it’s not clear whether or not Hulu Plus members can enjoy their vast selections of episodes free of commercials.

It’s no surprise Hulu is transition over to making money from users. It’s a moneymaker that has huge potential. For TV lovers who do not own a TiVO or other DVR-R device this is a viable option. The number of Hulu-ready streaming boxes that hook up to your television will start circulating your local Best Buy now too. The future of “home entertainment systems” is an evolving industry that is growing because of the development of the Internet. Netflix has grown to one of the leading businesses in the world, and has caused many movie rental places to go out of business, including Blockbuster. I will be far from surprised when there are hundreds of Hulu Plus members signed up.

Written by Ryan Rivard

April 27, 2010 at 12:51 am

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