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Internet is proving to be addicting for younger generations

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Have you ever lost power for a few hours and gotten antsy about not being able to use your computer or watch TV? Or have you ever been permitted from using your cellphone for so long that it gave you anxiety? Well this proved to be true for 200 students who were included in a study conducted by the University of Maryland. They did not allow their 200 subjects to use their cellphones or their laptops/computers for only a day. But the reactions were quite frightening.

Most students experienced anxiety, withdrawals, and the inability to function without their media devices. These types of reactions are seen in both alcohol and drug addicts. So has the internet become our drug? I know personally I get somewhat antsy when I cannot check my phone in class or when Facebook is not accessible. But what can we do to change these behaviors? It seems as though the internet and technology is a force that we cannot overcome. Although there are “rehab” centers for people who are truly addicted to the internet. But do they work? There have even been extreme cases that resulted in death from either neglect of a child, or of the internet user himself.

As I sit here at my desk with two laptops, an ipod touch, and my cellphone I feel like technology is taking over my life (and space) as well as many others. Hopefully we will be able to keep our usage under control or else future generations will be in big trouble.

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April 27, 2010 at 10:27 pm

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