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Microsoft Accused of Sweatshop Labor

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This particular article caught my eye right away, because it accuses Microsoft of using sweatshop labor in China.  The KYE factory in Dongguan China produces Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers, cameras and mice. Microsoft makes up the biggest portion of the factory’s output, which is about 30 percent.  As i continued reading I found that this factory had several legal breaches that have been committed over the last few years, including below minimum wage pay, hiring underage workers and sexual harassment of the female staff.  The factory also has appeared to be very dirty and crude looking.  There are even reports of children working their from ages 16-17 that are supposedly on “work study programs.”  However, Microsoft’s main response was that they are very concerned, and are going to investigate the factory.  A company as vast and wealthy as Microsoft should be more aware of the rights of their workers making their products, because the products they sell are sold to a wide variety of people.

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April 27, 2010 at 1:15 pm

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