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Social Networking Sites Changing the World of Photography

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Many of us ourselves are users of the most popular of online social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter or even MySpace. These sites have changed the ways users communicate, form relationships and maintain their social lives. Now these sites are changing the marketing and appeal of photography, including companies like Kodak. Previously Kodak was known for encouraging their consumers to capture their special moments to be kept for years to come, now their slogan has changed. Kodak is now using the slogan “The real Kodak moment happens when you share” or “It’s not a Kodak moment unless you share”. The emotional appeal that the company has always been known for is still very much present but their approach is quite different.

The world of technology is and will continue to rapidly change. The popularity of such social networking sites has directly led to the changes in many campaigns and movements such as this one seen by Kodak. Companies can not change the popularity of such technological communication tools, and so they must adapt to them. In order to reach a new market and maintain their position in the photography segment Kodak chose to react. Facebook and e-mails are popular ways of communicating and sharing photographs with family, friends, or coworkers and so Kodak has chosen to reach out to the users of these sites and encourage their already present sharing habits. Instead or working around these behaviors Kodak chose to work with and for these users, reaching out to an already present market segment. The budget for this campaign has not been discussed but as can be predicted I’m sure the benefits will prove to be worthwhile for Kodak.

Below is the original link to the New York Times article in which the article “Modernizing the ‘Kodak Moment’ as Social Sharing” was found.


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April 27, 2010 at 10:27 pm

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