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Web 2.0 is quite the hot topic of most current media debates. It’s considered a cultural revolution. Web 1.0, which was a more professional source of research is now replaced by the next version, Web 2.0. Social networking and amateurism are two buzzwords associated with it. It has been quite a drastic change to user-generated media that relies more on social connections than information that is legitimate. There is no senior editor of the internet checking that everything posted is the truth. Andrew Keen, who considers himself an expert on such topics voices the negative opinion of Web 2.0. Here he is on the Colbert Report:

The two discussed the positive and negative aspects of a community online that can share and create almost anything. After watching this and reading more of his work, I couldn’t help but wonder if Keen was right. Is this new version of the World Wide Web ruining art and culture? He claims that no one can make money off of their original ideas; instead everything is done in a “cut and paste” manner, getting ideas and supplies from other people. He states that people are “stealing” from other artists. As an artist myself, I find that I would support this point of view in most cases. However, where is the line between self-expression and theft? It’s good to react and reflect to things that are out there. Is it good to make them your own by taking them for yourself and altering them to what you think they should be? There’s also discussion of a Web 3.0 that will come about. That will have to be in my next blog post, however!

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April 27, 2010 at 10:28 pm

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