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From this article, I read that England is testing satellites to catch speeders on the road.  Now I thought having hidden cameras in red lights or on street corners was bad enough, but not compared to what England is working on today.  England’s new prototype SpeedSpike satellite system can pinpoint speeders on the ground from outer space, then send them a ticket.  This satellite can accurately take pictures of license plates, in order to be able to process and send a ticket to the right car owner.  The House of Lords describes this new invention as a low cost and ease to install.  However, is this new satellite concept going a little too far, because think of it in the future are we going to be permanently watched so that things from speeding to shoplifting will never happen again?  This again makes me think of how society is going to be in the future with more and more technical advancements.


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April 27, 2010 at 1:18 pm

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