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Arizona Governor Promoting Racism?

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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer just signed a new state law that does not allow illegal immigrants in the country. In order to find out if a person is illegal, police officers are to question suspicious people. Like Obama questioned Brewer, isn’t this a violation of rights? Yes, it is. Actually, it is more like racism and prejudice. Officers would have no way of suspecting a person to be illegal because America does not have a set language, skin color, religion, dress code, or any other visible differences that would separate citizens from immigrants. If a Spanish citizen is walking through the streets of Arizona, speaking Spanish to his/her friend, do the local police officers have the right to question to persons citizenship?

The only reason why Brewer passed this law is because Arizona borders Mexico, where more and more immigrants are trying to escape from. Although it is illegal to come into this country illegally, it does not give officers the right to question anyone who looks Mexican. I think the Justice Department should deem this new law illegal because of the racism that it encourages.


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April 28, 2010 at 9:25 pm

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