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Face of the recession shows one side of media

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When thousands of people lost their jobs two years ago, not many decided to do what Paul Nawrocki did. After being laid off from a toy company, the 59 year old used the communication industry to try to land himself a job. Taking his fate into his own hands, Paul went to the Big Apple, New York City, with a sandwich board of qualifications around his body and resumes in his hand. He got the attention of journalists and news stations around not only the country but the world. He quickly became the face of the recession in the media and communications industry. Paul appeared on CNN and was also followed by South American photojournalists through his efforts. During his time peddling his resume on the streets of Manhattan, Nawrocki also gave over one hundred interviews to newspapers and TV studios.

Paul’s plan seems innovative and original right? One might think that if anyone were to get a job during the recession of 2008, it would be the determined man on the streets of New York City, not only feeling sorry for himself, but doing something about it. However, even with all of the media attention that Paul received, he only recently acquired a job.

While Nawrocki’s story was interesting and worthy of covering, the coverage soon faded, but Paul’s situation was still a problem. After reading this article, I thought about how the media could be someone’s best friend one day and leave a person out to dry another. This is the way that our society is today. We might read about someone like Paul in a newspaper or see him on television, but in two days the media has completely forgotten about the story. In this case, it was unfortunate because with increased media coverage, Paul Nawrocki may have been able to acquire a job sooner than April of 2010.

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April 28, 2010 at 9:28 pm

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  1. Actually, the press never left me out to dry. I have be getting news coverage throughout my whole ordeal and they’ve always been incredibly supportive. If anyone left me out to dry, it was the toy industry for which I worked for 38 years. It is difficult to think that someone somewhere didn’t have something I could be doing all this time. But, ultimately, it was the toy industry that helped me find work and where I am working today. So, maybe it just took as long as it needed to take given today’s economy. I would like to point out, however, that I never felt sorry for myself, never felt humiliated and never embarrassed. I just did what I needed to do when everything else was not working. I expanded my network, globally.
    Paul Nawrocki
    Beacon, NY

    Paul Nawrocki

    May 1, 2010 at 4:24 am

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