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iPad price too good to be true!

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This post showed up on Yahoo! today (this is just the first paragraph):

“How My $499 iPad Purchase Became a $1,170 Credit Card Bill
Photo: Associated Press

I went shopping for my very own iPad at 8:30 AM March 12, the moment it first went on sale. Having had a chance to try out the iPad at the January 27 launch, I had wanted one for weeks. What follows is how what started out as a $499 purchase ended up with my putting $1,170.58 on my credit card.”

Of course $499 was too good to be true! Did this guy expect Apple to just throw in all the “necessary” accessories for free? I think it’s funny that this man was surprised that the price tag shot up to four digits. I don’t remember if in the iPad video we watched in class the interviewees said “starting at $499” or just that it cost $499, but either way, they weren’t lying. The most basic iPad by itself is only $499, but to get a better model with all the accessories–you can’t even see $499 with binoculars. But of course Apple wasn’t going to unveal their new product by saying that they’re going to trick you into spending over $1,000.  Apple marketed the iPad very well, made it SEEM affordable and awesome and this that and the other thing, and as consumers it’s sometimes hard to see past the marketing. But this was a no-brainer.

I know a few people who have the iPad now, and they always say something like “it’s awesome” or “I love it.” I always want to ask “did you love the price tag?” If I were to buy an iPad, maybe I would feel obligated to think it’s awesome after dropping a chunk of change on it. I’m the kind of person who is less inclined to use something the most expensive it is, for fear of it getting broken of stolen. I think this makes sense with the iPad, though. It’s supposed to be versatile and portable, but if I brought it everywhere with me, I would feel like I had a marquee next to me running the phrase “Mug me!”


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April 28, 2010 at 9:29 pm

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