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Facebook & StumbleUpon Ahead of the Rest

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Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. My book, your book. Your face, my face. Facebook is a big deal, let’s face it. We spend most of our time on there: posting statuses, posting comments, posting pictures, tagging, liking, stalking, prying, instigating, flirting–you name it. Sites like Facebook helps us reconnect and stay in contact with old friends, acquaintances and family members, taking social interaction to the next level on the cyber meter. Complementing social websites such as facebook, are websites that push our passion & interests. StumbleUpon is a prime example of that. On StumbleUpon you can check off all things that pertains to your interests (e.g. music, photography and science). Then with each click of the “Stumble!” button, you “stumble upon” random websites of your interest. It’s a great site because you gain an understanding of how vast the web is; there are countless sites and things to entertain you online.

The StatCounter tracks websites and their visitors (e.g. the date and time their vistor went on the site) and calculates which websites are widely visited and which are not. Right now, according to the StatCounter, Facebook creates the most online traffic with a whopping 48% of “Social Media Hits”. Now, will all the buzz about Twitter you’d think it would be runner up? Much to my surprise, StumbleUpon is runner up with 25% of the global online traffic of “Social Media Hits”. Twitter generates only 10%.


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April 29, 2010 at 6:10 pm

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