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South Park under fire….Again

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This story deals with the producers of the hit adult cartoon show, South Park. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have produced over 200 episodes of South Park and according to them they have always produced a show that they could support. Now a Muslim group has threatened them, stating that they would be killed if they didn’t remove the depiction of Muhammad from the episode. According to them, there wasn’t anything about the dialogue or the scene that was supposed to depict the Prophet in an unsafe way. They even stated that there was only one joke that could have been remotely considered offending to the Muslim religion. I feel this is ridiculous. I can’t tell you how many shows I have seen that poke fun at a number of people. It doesn’t matter if you’re Caucasian, African, or Asian, there are numerous shows that poke fun at everything. We may not recognize that it is happening but it does happen. However, I don’t feel that it should succumb to violence and even killing over a small 35 second clip of a person. I have African friends and I make fun of them and they make fun of me. Do I care? No! I guess some people care more then others.


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April 29, 2010 at 6:13 pm

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