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A King Kong For Every Generation

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Today I brought up the movie “King Kong” in relation to the current spike in making “remake” movies. Above are the trailers for all three King Kong movies, the first made in 1933, the second in 1976, and the third in 2007. I have seen all the movies in their entirety and was really fascinated by each of them in their own respects. The first is a nod to past film making in that the effects aren’t so great and King Kong actually resembles a stuffed animal. The natives of the island almost resemble Native Americans, worshipping a God, who happens to be Kong. I really like the way the trailer highlights the man’s enthusiasm and ending his monologue with “Kong, the eighth wonder of the world!” The 1933 version has a very similar storyline to the 2007 version. Both include a movie crew whose director has ulterior motives to explore the myth of “Skull Island.” The second version, made in 1976, takes on a whole different plot. They are a crew searching for oil who fall upon the island, and then decide to take the beast home with them to make profit.

I find it really interesting how Peter Jackson chose to keep the same storyline as the original film, while increasing the visual effects and humanization of Kong. The 2007 version also has much more drama in the film, in that there are many more prehistoric creatures roaming the island other than Kong, T-rex, and another dinosaur. I think it is interesting how Peter Jackson had two films as references and he chose to go with the 1933 version route. King Kong is a classic myth, and as someone of this present generation I enjoyed all three of the films. They all had their own strengths and weaknesses, while remaining to the most basic part of the plot: King Kong is a massive gorilla who falls in love with a beautiful blonde, takes her captive, and then is taken captive himself to an unknown world to be terrorized, just as he had terrorized those on the island.


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April 30, 2010 at 1:23 am

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