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Kidney transplant made possible by Facebook

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Imagine needing a kidney transplant and finding your donor via Facebook? Well that’s exactly what a resident of Hartford, Connecticut did. Carlos Sanchez went through all his family members, who all were negative for a kidney transplant, before resorting to Facebook. Surprisingly enough, his doctor recommended that he do so because he had no other options left besides a donor list. Who knew that his donor would end up being the mayor of Hartford.

Capone Almon was friends with Sanchez on Facebook and knew him somewhat, and after seeing his cry for help, she sent him a message saying she would get tested to be a possible donor. At first Sanchez couldn’t believe that he tmayor of a Connecticut city was reaching out to him, but in the end the mayor donated her kidney to Sanchez and they both went under surgery. Currently, they are both recovering swiftly.

In my opinion, who would of thought you could have ever found a donor for a kidney via the internet, or even on Facebook? Although the idea may be outlandish, and not common, I think that it’s great that someone’s life was saved because of the internet. Obviously, the internet can provide us with many new options that were never plausible before.


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April 30, 2010 at 1:26 am

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