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“Save One Show”

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In his book Convergence Culture, Henry Jenkins discusses the flow of content across multiple media platforms. Here is an example of this new type of convergence.

The E! Network hosted an online contest that would ultimately save one show from possible cancelation. Viewers could vote online for the show they wanted to see saved. “Save One Show” initially started out with 20 televisions shows and was narrowed down to six finalists. Nearly a million votes were cast and the winner was NBC’s “Chuck”.


Similarly, a “Save One Show” battled on Twitter where the thread “#SOS” was posted, along with the name of your favorite show. This resulted with thousands of tweeters tweeting, with the winning show being NBC’s “Heroes.”

The direct influence of the audience through growing media technology is becoming more and more prevalent and is spreading to a wide number of platforms. Here we can see television shows not only reaching the Internet, but also reaching social networking sites. After hearing they won, Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak from the show “Chuck” stated, “though we are also a little frightened of their ability to control the Internet. Our fears aside, we are honored to have the greatest fans in the history of television.”


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April 30, 2010 at 3:49 pm

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