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In one of my other classes, Media Literacy, we were discussing the possibility of technology becoming so infused in daily life, that your refrigerator will be able to buy you more milk when you’re almost done. This concept is part of Web 3.0, the next step in the internet development. Currently we are in Web 2.0, which I discussed in my previous blog post. Basically, the focus is on user-generated media and self-expression via social networking sites. So how could things get any more connected than they already are?

Because we are already constantly on our phones, using the World Wide Web, and are currently witness media convergence, it’s hard to imagine that things could get even more consolidated. Well, imagine your car, iPod, and washing machine all being interconnected. Apparently, this is the future. Some experts believe that something called the “Semantic Web” will be occurring in the near future. Currently, web searches just consist of keywords that are found in websites in a database. Soon, the searches you create will be understood by the computer, and preferences will be noticed. Your searches will begin to reflect options that you would most likely pick yourself. This is already occurring on websites like and iTunes. However, what if you searched in the form of a simple question, and the computer analyzed your questions, giving you an intelligent response? Well get ready for it; it’s now our future.

Here’s a YouTube video we were shown that I believe summarizes the discussion around Web 3.0 pretty well:


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April 30, 2010 at 1:24 am

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