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The public’s trust in media

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I know that to a certain extent, people have trouble trusting media.  In fact, today, the trust in media is at an all time low of only about 20% or 30% of trust.  This is because of many problems: bias, inaccuracy, or just public opinion.  Many people find inaccurate information in the media and therefore lose their trust in any future readings from that newspaper or television media.  People don’t only get their sources from the media.

Some who are dedicated to doing a little more in-depth research on a certain world issue may look in to other media or other resources.  If the media gets a certain information wrong, even if it’s something little, it can drastically change the way we think of that particular newspaper media because what else could be wrong in the paper?  We don’t know.  Therefore, we may think that the whole paper is flawed because of that one little mistake.  This is why some paper’s do a “correction” space on the paper to make any corrections.  That can regain certain audiences since they are willing to admit their mistakes of what they have written or it can make them look bad–either way, it’s hard to trust the media these days.

The inaccuracies can be from the rush of deadlines, carelessness, or just not enough knowledge on the topic.  This is why we assign certain reporters to certain topics that they may know a lot about.  But that can result in a biased view.  This is why we may give a different reporter the story on which they may know little or nothing at all.  I found all this on this website:

It’s interesting to see how little most people trust the media and yet it is pretty much our MAIN source of where to get our information on current world events.

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May 3, 2010 at 5:04 pm

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