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Unhappy lives= mean-world effect?

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In one of my other classes we recently learned about the correlation between the level of a persons happiness and the amount of television they watched.  The result of this correlation was that unhappy people watched 20% more television then generally happy people.  The reason that people who watch more television are unhappy is because they don’t have to go anywhere, have no need to dress up( or get dressed at all) , don’t need to find company, think it is unnecessary to plan ahead, don’t need to waste any energy, do any work, or pay anything.  Unhappy people who watch television are generally bored and watch television to try to fullfill their boredom.  This correlation reminded me of the “mean-world” effect that we learned about.  I couldn’t help but wonder whether people who think the world is a horrible place based on what they see from television are happy with their own life.  If the statistic above is correct, maybe people are just unhappy with their lives and watch television thinking that what they see would be a better world to live in then the one they live in now.


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May 3, 2010 at 5:04 pm

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