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Why so many Movies are Remade

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The Star Trek Remake

From the beginning of Television there have been many different shows and movies, and as time goes on many of these shows and movies have been remade.  As television first began airing movies and shows many of these “artists” whether it be writers, directors, producers are actors were very limited in using their imagination to present in the form of their movies or shows.  The reason they were so limited is due to technology, when these old shows were being aired, the technology they had was very limited; special effects were horrible.  During that time period the audience did not realize how bad the effects were because that’s all they had, but now with the technology we have artists can express their full imagination through special effects and CGI.  Being that technology is so accessible now, many of the old shows and movies are seen as great opportunities to express the artist’s imagination much better.  Obviously the main goal is to gain profit from remaking old films, but many of the artists are just thrilled to express their imagination and what they believe the artists who originally created the films imagination to the fullest.  There are movies that are remade that are awful and then there are movies like Star Trek that are seen as a great success.  It is not always easily determined as why some are such flops, but we can see through Star Trek that so many fans of the original kept it alive and deserved a remake.  The remake served the purpose of adding huge name actors and unbelievable special effects that drew a larger audience and satisfied the original viewers tremendously.  I believe that the main reason movies are remade are simply because the artists want to express their imagination and the original artist’s imagination greater; these are usually the remakes that are successful.  The remakes that aren’t successful seem to be the ones that the main focus was just earning money from it and in turn they over did the usage of technology and ruined the remake.  Below is a link to a document that i used to gain a better understanding of why movies are remade, and through reading it is how i determined that the artists who remake movies not simply because they want to make money but to express their ideas to the fullest are the ones that are successful!’t%20(vulgar%20verb)&author=SHAWN%20LEVY&issn=&title=The%20Oregonian&volume=&issue=&date=20100328&spage=n%2Fa&id=doi:&sid=ProQ_ss&genre=article&lang=en


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