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“Digital Nation” Documentary Part 1:

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Comm 201

We began watching and discussing the Frontline documentary, “Digital Nation,” in two of my other communication classes and I found it extremely interesting.  I decided to watch the rest of part one online and then later part two. 

The first segment that showed MIT students on campus and in classrooms constantly texting, on Facebook, and more, reminded me of students here at Marist too. I think the extensive use of cell phones and the internet is universal for all students our age. These devices become our lifelines and we truly are ‘constantly connected.’ As numerous people in the film commented, “We wouldn’t know what to do without them..even for a day!”

I was really blown away by the second part of the documentary that focused on how the younger generation in South Korea uses technology. I had no idea that they begin teaching about the internet to children at 5 or 6 years old. It was surprising, but also kind of humorous and unsettling. The young boys and girls were singing a song called “netiquette” that had lyrics in it about the “community of friends” you can have online. It seemed strange that they start at such a young age. I’m sure this contributes to how advanced their society is, but I don’t know if it is healthy for a child to be taught how to surf the web by the time they’re in the second grade. The movie also discussed PC bars that are located throughout the South Korean cities, opened 24 hours a day, where kids can come and play video games as long as they like. This gaming obsession has led to the development of treatment centers for the addicted youth. It is like a rehab facility for gamer addicts. I felt bad for the kids who had to go to these camps and were struggling with their addictions. It is very bizarre and I think it is ridiculous how far this country has let the technology craze go.


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May 5, 2010 at 5:19 am

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