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“Second Life”, World of War Craft, and Drones

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I recently learned more about the growing use of online avatars.  From what I have read and heard, I think that the idea of “Second Life” and World of War Craft is a little ridiculous.  Companies use the “Second Life” program to conduct business and meetings via the internet. The executives created avatars and met up in conference rooms online instead of in person.  I was surprised at the vast amounts of organizations that are actually taking part in this.  The “Second Life” creators even lack real desks/offices and phones at their headquarters and instead have elaborate offices in their very own “Second Life” worlds.  I read that the head representatives of various businesses no longer held conferences, but met up with their associates online to discuss upcoming events, conflicts, and more.  They controlled the movements of their avatars and would have them sit down at a table, dressed in business wear and begin their meeting.  The use of online socializing and communication has also extended into the gaming world with World of War Craft. I was unaware of how popular World of War Craft was.  I was even more shocked that some gamers had built relationships that grew into marriages just from meeting on World of War Craft missions.

Finally, I recently learned more about the military’s use of technology. I was taken aback that the military actually has the capability to use drones in combat. I think that this use of technology may have distanced the men from the actual severity of war. I think this practice is dangerous, especially seeing as there have been civilian casualties in a number of these cases.

Sometimes it feels as though technology is taking over our lives.  I came away questioning how much is too much? ..and has technology gone too far?


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May 5, 2010 at 5:20 am

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