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Highlights from “Digital Nation” Documentary Part 2:

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The second section of the documentary highlighted both positive and negative effects of technology. It showed how the growing use of laptops in middle and high schools has helped students take part in a more interactive learning experience. In an example from a middle school in the Bronx, the use of laptops was proven to help cut down on the amount of fights between students and the overall general chaos that normally took place in the halls.  Being able to have laptops was viewed as a privilege and the students learned to respect that and behave accordingly.  However, it did create somewhat of a distraction and in one part of the film, they showed how the vice principal could open up the students’ screens on his main computer and catch them on photobooth and more.  The vice principal would then shut them down from his controls or send them a message via the computer.  I think my own high school would have benefited from having students use laptops because it is good preparation for college where we rely on our computers for the majority of our work and communication. The other positive display of technology was with the portion about “Bubbe.”  Bubbe is an elderly, Jewish grandmother who made an online cooking show with her grandson. I really enjoyed this segment.  I think it would be beneficial for more elderly people to learn about the internet. Being able to use the internet will help them stay in contact with others, provide entertainment, and keep their brains active.

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May 5, 2010 at 5:19 am

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