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Media Biases promote self-conscious feelings in women

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The media is not helping the problem that many young girls and women face today. Females struggling with weight issues have been a problem for years, and the media is reinforcing this problem. ABC is not allowing Lane Bryant lingerie commercial to air during a popular show “Dancing with the Stars.” It was supposed to air this week. Fox originally refused to air the commercial during “American Idol” as well. However, when a Lane Bryant insider saw a Victoria’s Secret commercial, they protested the double standard. This caused Fox to allow the commercial to air. ABC’s reason for not airing the commercial was that the cleavage was “excessive.”

This is discouraging to all women. I thought we moved on from this type of discrimination. The Dove campaign to embrace your body was so encouraging that I didn’t think the media would set back to inequality again. After watching the commercial on the Lane Bryant website, in my opinion, it was no more racy than the Victoria Secret commercials that are on TV every day. It was classy and I think would make heavier women feel more comfortable in their own skin. It actually made me feel happy that women are showing off their bodies that are in any shape or form.

Here is the website to the commercial:


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May 5, 2010 at 5:14 am

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