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Video Game Ban Proposed

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The Supreme court will soon hear arguments about a law that would keep violent video games out of the hands of minors. The law does not say minors cannot play them, but simply that they cannot buy them. There already is a law in place stating they can’t buy sexually explicit video games. While this specific law is not necessarily the biggest of deals, to me, it is heading down a very slippery slope. I think that President and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association said that courts throughout the country “have ruled consistently that content-based regulation of computer and video games is unconstitutional. Research shows that the public agrees, video games should be provided the same protections as books, movies and music.” If we start restricting what kind of video games minors can play, what’s to stop them from telling minors what books they can read, or what music they can listen to. Yes, maybe some violent video games can prompt a troubled teenager to do something violent, but that is basically all about the kid himself and not the teenager. It’s been shown that sometimes violent video games are even good for some teenagers with violent tendencies because they can get their aggression out virtually. It’s completely unfair to blame violent acts on something like a video game, instead of putting blame on the parents of these children, and most of all on the children themselves.


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May 5, 2010 at 5:15 am

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