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Facebook Giving Away Your Personal Information?

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According to a Los Angeles Times article, Facebook is getting increasing pressure to protect the privacy of people who use the social networking site. This pressure has even come from four US senators, who view new Facebook procedures as an invasion of privacy. A new feature on the Facebook site has created quite the stir among users. What is this new program? It was launched last week, yet many, including the millions who use Facebook have no idea what it is. The pilot program that was started last week shares individual’s personal information on Facebook to three other websites- Yelp,, and Pandora. Mark Zuckerman, founder of Facebook, relayed that this new feature would add a more personalized experience for Facebook users. What many were upset about, however, was that the feature is automatically installed into every person’s Facebook account.

Personally, I think that Facebook has gone too far with giving information out to other websites. When a person signs up for Facebook and decides to put certain information on their site, they believe that it is contained only to Facebook, but it now seems as though they can give the information to anyone they wish. I don’t think that very many users of the social network will benefit from having a more “personalized experience”, as personally I can say I don’t even use any of the three websites. So basically, in the end, the only person that this new feature is helping is Facebook creators themselves. Because of this, Facebook receives more daily traffic, and therefore looks better for them, but does nothing for the average user. If they wanted to install this feature, they should have made it optional so the person could sign up for it.,0,4386095.story


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May 13, 2010 at 4:59 pm

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