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Facebook Third Party Viewing Your Information

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Facebook has made another change to the site. As of last week, third party sites have access to a user’s information, including the person’s friends, and their information as well. These third parties, Yelp and Pandora being two of them, are automatically able to see the user’s information. Only if a person decides to opt out of the “instant personalization,” will the third parties be blocked from the page. Four senators are trying to get this reversed, allowing people to only opt-in to the third party agreement, if they decide to do so. The third party viewing is called “instant personalization” because the sites take a person’s information and gears new products and promotions towards them.

This is an issue that all Facebookers should be aware of when logging onto their page. Facebook is evolving from a college networking site, to a global phenomenon. Any third party will cause people to become skeptical and the site will lose their Facebookers. People do not like when third parties have access to their information, and I don’t blame them. Privacy is an issue among people that when disturbed, they get angry. I do not currently have Facebook (it’s too distracting around finals and end of the year projects) but if I knew that there were other people viewing my information who I did not know, I would get annoyed. If this keeps up, Facebook will turn into another virus and commercial filled site, like MySpace!

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May 13, 2010 at 4:58 pm

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