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Frito-Lay Changes Salt As We Know It

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The potato chips we know and love are made by a combination of potatoes, oil, and salt. Health concerns related to sodium are currently a big issue, which is a problem for these chip companies. People are more concerned about what they are eating, so it is the responsibility of the food manufactures to come up with a solution that people will still enjoy. Researchers at PepsiCo, the company that owns Frito-Lay think they have come up with the solution: they are going to change the basic shape of salt.

Salt molecules are basic cubes, and it takes a while for each crystal to break down in your mouth. In their research they found that the majority of salt on a chip doesn’t even have time to dissolve in a persons saliva because it is swallowed so quickly. Only about 20 percent of the salt dissolves on the tongue, and the remaining 80 percent is not even tasted. The solution to this problem is to use crystal chemistry to change the shape of salt so that it covers more surface area. This way, you will be tasting all the salt that you eat, and no un-tasted salt ends up in your digestive system. Using this technique, PepsiCo thinks it can cut up to 25 percent of sodium in their chips using this technique.

This idea makes many people nervous. I however think it is a great idea, one that should have been thought of sooner. I think it is great that companies such as PepsiCo are taking control of a major health issue. People in London have been using this technique for three years without any problems. These new chips will not be sold at least for another year. Hopefully other companies hear about this and start thinking about the health ramifications of their own products.


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May 13, 2010 at 8:43 pm

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