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On Trend: Social Networking Becomes En Vogue

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Jennifer Darmour fuses social networking and fashion in one of her new designs–a garment that connects the wearer to his or her Facebook account. Additionally, the outfit sends updates to Facebook through different gestures the person makes while wearing it. By simply raising your hood, you can communicate with your friends online and update your status. Furthermore, there is a “Ping” device that will tap your shoulder in lieu of a notification; there are different taps for various groups, so you know who is trying to connect with you. The garment was designed with the hope that it would free people from being anchored to their laptops or cell phones. However, this seems counterintuitive, for wouldn’t the Ping garment cause it’s wearer to scramble to connect to the internet at the first sign of a tap on the shoulder?

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May 13, 2010 at 4:55 pm

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