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Paper Money, Who Needs It.

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According to a recent article seen in the New York Times the use and popularity of physical cash is said to be in a downward spiral. With the use of PayPal’s cellphone application and the IPhone wireless capabilities cash is no longer needed. Whether it is paying your half of the bill or purchasing items online, users are able to transmit and transfer money without ever using cash or in some cases swiping a card. Who needs an ATM when you are able to simply “bump” to IPhones together and transfer money from one account to another. Small credit card scanners have also been created and used to again increase the popularity and ease of wireless payment. By plugging the small device into the input port of your cellphone you are able to swipe your credit or debit card just as easy as you would in store. All these capabilities have begun to expand the days of plastic payment. Further information can be found on online sites and in The New York Times, however, the evidence is apparent. With all the applications available to both IPhones and Blackberry users, why wouldn’t they have such an application? Today’s society is fast paced and ready to accept the ease of such technology. This again changing the media world and the technology dependency of our society.

Below is the link to The New York Times article:


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May 13, 2010 at 8:56 pm

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