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MIA Video Getting Increased Controversy

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Almost immediately upon it’s release, M.I.A’s newest video “Born Free” has gotten increased controversy about it’s contents and scary scenes. The uncut version has even been pulled from the United States on sites like YouTube, because pornographic elements and unsettling images. Although there are still versions of it on the Internet, M.I.A fans are outraged that the United States is trying to stifle her political message.

The video depicts a police force in Los Angeles that rounds up young male individuals with red hair. They do this forcefully and brutally, breaking into the homes of average Americans. When they have rounded up these individuals, they bus them to an interment type camp where they are forced to essentially run for their lives. One of the most unsettling images in the 9 minute music video is a young, innocent red head being shot, for no reason at all. Many speculate that this scene was the reason for YouTube pulling the uncut version off their site.

Although the video is disturbing at times to watch, there is a definite political message involved. Some speculate that M.I.A simply is interested in the shock factor that brings attention to her as an artist, but I think that I disagree. Although the video does have all of the makings for bringing attention to her newly released album, elements like pornography and extreme violence, I do not believe that this is her only reason for making the video. I think that she truly has something to say about Americans and genocide and has decided to make her statement through her latest music video.


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May 16, 2010 at 1:35 pm

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