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The Beginning of Entertaining Advertisements?

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Let’s face it – whenever someone mentions advertisements, the first reaction most of us have is something along the lines of “oh, no!” People never really openly admit to enjoying advertisements – excluding the Super Bowl, when was the last time you’ve heard someone say “Oh boy I can’t wait for the next commercial break!” Chances are, you haven’t. Well recently, there has been a lot of discussion over a new form of advertising being marketed by Apple, Inc., dubbed “iAd.” These are advertisements that will be subtly included within some applications across the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch platform. These are advertisements that when clicked, reveal a whole ‘nother application of sorts. For example, the ad will become interactive, almost like a mini-game, trailer, or preview for the client. At first, many including myself would probably think “oh great, just another way for our activities to be interrupted by advertisements.” However, who knows if this new system will take hold within the advertising community. Theorists point to the high premium for using iAd (Apple charges $2 every time someone somewhere opens up an iAd) and the general closed atmosphere within Apple as the limiting factors. As mobile advertising continues to grow exponentially, who knows what kind of advertisements we will grow accustomed to. Perhaps these advertisements will become something that we enjoy and look forward to. Time will tell.

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May 16, 2010 at 1:38 pm

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