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Aids Awareness Graffiti Commercial

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This commercial was shown in my Broadcast Commercial class earlier this semester. Similar to the effect I’m sure it would have on many Americans, it left my class with our jaws dropped. At first, I couldn’t believe this commercial existed, and then, I couldn’t believe my professor would show it in class. But why was I feeling this way?

The commercial, not to my surprise, was not made in the USA but in France. These kinds of images just aren’t shown in the USA. And when, or if, they are, it is a big deal. Why are some things, such as sex and sexually explicit images, so normal and natural but so taboo when they appear in the media. This touches upon what we discussed in class about sex being culturally constructed. What is appropriate and what is not is decided by society and the media. Somehow, over time, sexually explicit images in the media have been deemed inappropriate. We all know about them, yet showing them is wrong? Why? Does society think it will promote sexual activity? Because people are going to do it anyway, regardless of anything the media shows. And in this case, the commercial is simply saying to be safe when sexually active- it just happens to use some raw images while sending that message. Where, really, is the harm in that?

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May 17, 2010 at 12:49 pm

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