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Pretty Wild is a new show on the E! (Entertainment) channel on television. The show follows three sisters and their mom living their lives in California. Just from watching the show, it’s hard to tell what their claim to fame is, and hard to justify why they have their own television show. However, with a little background information, you would know the mother in the show used to be a successful lingerie model and that two of the three daughters are up and coming models. Also, one of the key conflicts for the family is one sister’s struggles with a Hollywood scandal. Alexis is accused of being a part of a number of celebrity robberies- Rachel Bilson and Orlando Bloom were both victims. Although Alexis was at the scene of the crime of that night, she was not involved. She and her family try to fight against accusations.

It seems as though there isn’t one episode where at least one of the girls is crying hysterically, which gives many people a headache and a strong urge to change the channel. However, for other people, the show really is entertaining. What makes someone, or something, worthy of a television show? Who really decides what will be entertaining? And when television first began, who would have guessed that a show like “Pretty Wild” – a show with no real substance to it- would exist?

What entertains one person may not entertain another. It is different for everyone. It reminds me of the issue of determining humor. Can humor be universal? Sure, there are basic characteristics that make something humorous, such as incongruity. But still, funny does not, and probably will never, have a clear definition. This show is a prime example of how a show some people love is the last show on earth they would want to watch for others. This is when we cannot let the media control us. We must choose what to expose ourselves to, and not let the media choose what to expose to us.


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May 17, 2010 at 12:50 pm

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