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Google Buzz
So according to The Economist, Google has recently tried to make a dent in the social networking system by creating “Buzz”. I have visited the Google Buzz website and it seems to just be a replica of Facebook. You can download pictures, videos, and can talk with you Buzz friends. Buzz is also a way for users of G-mail to create social groups by using their e-mail contacts. Now I had to look online and pretty much research about Buzz in order to find out what it really was and that it even existed. For Facebook I was told by all my friends the day it was created. That tells me that no matter what Google does it will not be able to keep up with Facebook. Facebook spread like wildfire, Buzz did not or at least not yet it maybe too soon to tell. The only people who I feel will be using Buzz are the people who used G-mail that are older and do not have a Facebook. I feel that no college student, which is the majority of the users on Facebook, will be using Buzz because most college students use their college e-mail and do not have G-mail. I do not know if Google is just trying to get the attention the of the generation before us or just the business world. What crowd is going to be using Buzz the most? This I do not have an answer too. Now, do I feel that this could be the last desperate reach of Google trying to keep up with Facebook? Maybe, not sure. But Google is an amazing search engine and that will not change, so Google should not worry about that, but by created Buzz it shows that they are worried about Facebook taking over the entire social networking system, and I feel that this might be the case.


Written by Luis Alicea

May 18, 2010 at 7:45 pm

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