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Back in March, an Apple executive left his iPhone prototype on the stool at a German beer garden. This seems like just an innocent mistake except the person who found the phone sold it to for $5,000. Once they had the phone, they made no attempt to return the phone to its owner, but instead confronted apple and wrote this article that essentially bashes the poor guy who lost the phone and makes me wonder if this website isn’t as much a gossip column as it is a technology hub.
I think it’s unprofessional to hang this young Apple engineer out to dry just for a “juicier” story. I’m not saying that his name should be kept out of the media, because I believe in free speech and that people should be responsible for their actions. However, the way in which this article portrayed the events of March 18th was unfair to Gray Powell, the software engineer at Apple. The author of this article suggests that Powell be fired, but I would strongly urge Apple otherwise. Obviously Apple’s supposedly impenetrable security of their prototypes and designs is at risk, but this particular slipup didn’t seem to leak any pertinent information and besides who hasn’t forget something in a beer garden?

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May 18, 2010 at 7:45 pm

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