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Media Obsessing Over “Bad” Baseball Contract

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As a Mets fan I am used to reading about my team in newspapers, blogs, hearing about them on the radio, or TV. Since the Mets have had disappointing (some say disastrous) seasons from 2006-present the team is under close scrutiny in just about anything they do. Whether it be signing a player or making a trade it always seems like the team and management is doing something wrong.

In 1999 – 11 years ago, The Mets organization announced a deal that would pay ex Met Bobby Bonilla around $2 million for the next 24 years, starting this season. Fans and the media are outraged because this is essentially wasting money on someone who will be no where near the field and take away from areas where the team should be spending money to improve. The media is outraged by this deal and continue to write about it, but are they right? Was this really a bad deal for the Mets?

The answer simply put is no. In fact the deal benefited the Mets greatly. By rearranging Bonilla’s contract it gave the team enough money to improve their starting rotation and subsequently in 2000 the Mets won the National League Championship and played in the World Series. In addition, through the deal the mets received a compensatory draft pick where they selected the current face of the organization David Wright.

So yes, ultimately the team will be paying Bonilla around $2 million until he is 72, but the positives of the deal are something to take a real hard look at. These positives are rarely mentioned by the media. It just goes to show you, stories we read in the media are just that – stories. They hold truth but should be further researched if it is a topic of interest.


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May 18, 2010 at 9:02 pm

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