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The popularity of the online Avatar has increased rapidly during this past year.  A newer invention, involving avatar use, has recently been developed.  British inventor, Rollo Carpenter, has created the Cleverbot. is a website where users can talk to a robot that is able of demonstrating actual intelligence and will partake in “friendly chats” with the user.  You can share thoughts and ideas with Cleverbot and ask it various questions.  Rollo Carpenter also invented a chatterbot that is capable of interesting, entertaining, and humorous human conversation called the ‘Jabberwacky.’ Cleverbot is able to answer the individual’s questions based on information it has acquired from previous interactions with other cleverbot users. The cleverbot is currently used more “for fun” and is not considered a scholarly source, but after future development it is projected that it could substitute for humans in some business positions.  It could one day become a helpful aide in major business conferences and projects.  Advancements on the cleverbot system will continue to be made in the years to come.  Until then, the cleverbot’s role is much like that of past AIM “online bots” (example: ‘Smarterchild’) that users could instant message and chat with.      

cleverbot logo:


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May 18, 2010 at 7:30 pm

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