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Social Isolation

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Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live, AIM, and many other social networking sites on the internet that are bringing the world together like the camera did in the 1800’s when it was miniaturized enough to carry with us everywhere and everywhere we go. What are the benefits? Staying in touch? That would be the most logical answer. Maybe old friends we haven’t seen in ages or maybe family members that live in another country may make up the largest portions of your friends lists? But eventually co-workers come in as well. And your personal world comes into the workplace as hard as you try to keep it out. It makes the world so much smaller in these aspects and yet even further spreading the gap that is being introduced into this society. Kids are raving about Facebook and gaining connections, finding common interests and following their favorite bands. But are we moving in the right direction further making ourselves couch potatoes surfing the internet and gaining information on people that ‘keeps us in the loop’? How does this affect our socializing skills when we are out and about in public? Do we act the same towards people online as in person or are we just false friends? The US has the highest obesity rate out of any country in the world, does this contribute? Is technology the cause of bringing the world closer together and yet physically farther apart at the same time or is having a “surrogate” becoming a more realistic possibility to go out and do our jobs for us so we can network ourselves and meet as many people as possible before? Are we beginning to enslave ourselves to the whims of technology? As close together as these sites make us, it seems to make the world grow further apart with physical interactions. Or maybe this is an increasing chance for ‘skynet’ to happen and AI takes control of us? Either way, as much as I love catching up with people, I prefer the welcoming handshake or hug, and the warmth of an old friend’s smile. The world is becoming a lonely place and as more information becomes available at our fingertips, it’ll probably get lonelier.


Written by Luis Alicea

May 18, 2010 at 7:43 pm

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