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The Simpson’s take on Kesha’s Tik Tok

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This is great.  We were just talking about it in class today how certain television shows make parody’s of other people’s work.  The Simpsons have been known to do many shows on allusions and understood assumptions and the artist Kesha has been a rising star in the music industry.  Combining the two, you get The Simpsons singing along to Kesha’s Tik Tok song in what I think is a great parody of it.

The Simpson’s have been going on for 20 years now and its strong reputation will not be penetrated.  I think this goes along with adaptations that we saw in the video we watched in class today of the different songs being sung along by animated characters and former president George Bush.  I think this video of the Simpson’s parody to Kesha’s song illustrates this perfectly.  I don’t see this as piracy at all since there has been another parody to this on youtube of a girl just having fun with her camera (I assume).



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May 18, 2010 at 8:59 pm

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